Web Scripting & Frameworks

Introduction to HTML5 / CSS3 and JavaScript

Gain the Core Skills Needed to Design, Implement and Deploy Robust, Flexible, and Safe Web Applications
Code: TT4003
Duration: 3 Days

Introduction to HTML5 / CSS3, and Responsive Design Basics

JumpStart Web Development & Responsive Web Design Basics with HTML5 and CSS3
Code: TT4002
Duration: 2 Days

Introduction to JavaScript | Modern JavaScript Essentials

JumpStart JavaScript Essentials, Responsive Design, Debugging, Classes, Functions, Security, ES6 / TypeScript Intro & More
Code: TT4110
Duration: 3 Days

Introduction to HTML5 / CSS3 and JavaScript

Gain the Core Skills Needed to Design, Implement and Deploy Robust, Flexible, and Safe Web Applications
Code: TT4003
Duration: 3 Days

Mastering JavaScript & JQuery Essentials

JumpStart Responsive Web Design with JavaScript and JQuery | Explore Design, Tooling, Security, Frameworks and More
Code: TT4115
Duration: 5 Days

Introduction to TypeScript

Scripting Essentials, IDEs, Responsive Design, Debugging, Classes, Functions, Generics, Compiler Options & More
Code: TT4116
Duration: 2 Days

Introduction to ECMAScript 6 (ES6)

Core ES6 Scripting and Development Skills for Modern Web Developers
Code: TT4145
Duration: 2 Days

Angular Essentials | JumpStart to Angular

Explore Angular Essentials, Build Custom Components, Use Application Routes, Form Validation, Unit-Testing & More
Code: TT4165
Duration: 3 Days

Exploring Angular (for Experienced Web Developers)

Comprehensive Hands-on Angular | Essentials, Components, Services, SPA, Routing, RxJS, TDD / Testing, REST API and More
Code: TT4168
Duration: 5 Days

Intermediate Angular | Reactive Angular, RxJS, NgRX, Testing, Security, Optimization & More

Gain Next-Level Angular Skills | Enhance, Optimize, Authenticate, Secure Angular & More
Code: TT4169
Duration: 2 Days

Getting Started with React Native

Next -Level React: Explore Step-by-Step how to Build, Test & Publish React Native Applications
Code: TT4198
Duration: 3 Days

Introduction to React | React Essentials

Learn Step by Step Basic React Application Development | Explore Basics, Components, Forms, Routing & Basic Unit Tests
Code: TT4193
Duration: 3 Days

Mastering React | With Redux, Flux, Unit Testing, JSX & More

Modern Web Development with React: Essentials, Best Practices, Redux / Flux, Forms, Routing, Hooks, Unit Testing / Jest & More
Code: TT4195
Duration: 5 Days

React JumpStart | Fast Track to React for Skilled Web Developers

Fast Paced React Foundation Course for Experienced Web Developers | React, Redux, Routers, Hooks, Composition & More
Code: TT4196
Duration: 3 Days

Next-Level React | Working with React Hooks

Explore Working with React Hooks to Modernize State Management in your React Applications
Code: TT4197
Duration: 5 Days

Mastering React Native

Next -Level React: Explore step-by-step how to build, test & publish React Native applications
Code: TT4199
Duration: 4 Days

Introduction to Node.js | JumpStart to Node.js

Explore Server-Side Coding through Node.js, RESTify, Development, Working with BootStrap, Using Data Storage Engines & More
Code: TT4153
Duration: 3 Days

Introduction to Python Programming | Python Programming Basics

Kickstart Basic Python Scripting Skills for Any Role
Code: TT4800 / TTPS4800
Duration: 3 Days

Introduction to Flask | Developing Web Applications with Flask

JumpStart to Flask: Explore Flask Essentials, Views, Database Integration, Jinja Templates, Error Handling, Testing & More
Code: TTPS4868
Duration: 3 Days

Python Programming Basics with REST (For New Developers)

Learn to Think Like a Developer | Write and Run Script, Work with Python REST Clients, Python Modules & More
Code: TTPS4814
Duration: 4 Days

Python Programming Primer / Quick Start to Python

Hands-On Quick Introduction to Python Basics for Experienced Scripters / Developers
Code: TT4802
Duration: 2 Days

Applied Python for Data Science & Engineering

Essential Python for Analytics, Scientific & Math Computing | With Numpy, Scipy, Pandas & More
Code: TTPS4874
Duration: 4 Days

Python Security | Introduction to Python Programming for Security Analysts & Professionals

Implement Better Defenses in Python | Python Essentials, File Operations, Binary Data, Networking Services, Python Security & More
Code: TTPS4894
Duration: 4 Days

Introduction to Full Stack Web Development with Python and Django

Modern Skills for Robust Web Development | Core Python, Classes, Django Architecture, Views, Querying, Templates, Testing & More
Code: TTPS4860
Duration: 5 Days

Perl for System Administrators

Perl Scripting & Advanced Features
Code: TTPS2647
Duration: 4 Days

Introduction to Perl Programming Essentials

Hands-on Perl Scripting | Learn, Use & Leverage the Perl Scripting Library
Code: TTPS4925
Duration: 5 Days

Next-Level Perl Programming (with Advanced Topics)

Next Level Perl Scripting | Use the Perl Library for Advanced Tasks & using Production Quality Tools
Code: TTPS4926
Duration: 3 Days

Advanced PHP Programming | PHP with XML, Ajax, RESTful Services, Web Services, PHP Security Best Practices & More

Modern Web Development Series | Extending PHP Skills with Web Services, Security, Best Practices & More
Duration: 3 Days

Advanced XML and XSLT

Next-Level XML Skills: Explore XML Schemas, XSLT Constructs, Web Services, Defending XML & More
Code: TT4320
Duration: 2 Days

Introduction to XML | XML Essentials

JumpStart Your Basic XML Skills: Explore XML Structures, Formatting, XPath & XSLT, XSL FO & More
Code: TT4300
Duration: 3 Days

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