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Automation and the proliferation of digital technologies at all touch points has the attention of the C-Suite, training executives and managers everywhere. It is a never-ending race to keep pace with information technology change and the need for continuous skills development of existing teams.  We help companies remain competitive and protect profitability by ensuring that existing technology talent can meet a world of changing technology demands through strategic reskilling and upskilling programs.

  • Companies can Reskill / Upskill current talent when they are looking to:
  • Develop a job-ready, cross-skilled pool of talent to support a variety of technical needs
  • Update, expand and maintain existing systems or applications
  • Migrate existing and legacy skills, applications, tools or technologies to modern standards
  • Integrate outsourced development work into existing systems
  • Expand productivity within the organization by providing new and flexible and job and role opportunities
  • Elevate valuable company business experience of existing employees

Reskill Your People and Teams

As competition for new hires increases to meet challenges brought on by emerging modern and digital technologies such as   big data, AI and machine learning, Blockchain, distributed architectures and cloud computing, companies are in a state of constant churn to find employees with modern skills Through Employee Reskilling initiatives, companies can retrain and retain current employees, providing new opportunities while retaining their valuable business knowledge and experience.  We help employees see a future in different roles that closely align with a changing business environment.

Customized around your organization and delivered by expert trainers and coaches sensitive to the reskilling population needs and learning culture, we design Trivera Reskilling Programs to:

  • Determine what technical skills are needed and when
  • Assess employee population (organizationally or individually) to identify candidates for reskilling
  • Design employee and team role-focused training plans and roadmaps
  • Build career paths that align with technology change and enterprise needs
  • Design, development, rollout and evaluation of learning events
  • Provide focused reskilling specific course content, training programs and courseware
  • Create a culture of mobility and continued skills development
  • Meet future demands with a reskilling policy to strengthen existing talent

Transform your team today

Elevate Your Teams with Upskilling Programs

Where Reskilling programs generally focus on an employee’s total role transformation within and organization, Upskilling aims to grow and extend the expertise and capabilities of those in current roles essential to the enterprise.  Upskilling builds confidence, leadership and retention and is a means to arm valued technical employees with the tools and knowledge necessary to support modern technical initiatives within the firm, while advancing current career paths. 

The Trivera Upskilling Programs are delivered by expert trainers, experienced in the practical application of advanced technologies and include:

  • Expert evaluation of current organizational technical challenges and recommendation for upskilling opportunities
  • Assessment of existing teams to identify individuals and teams for upskilling
  • Targeted upskilling learning plan development including course content, training programs and courseware
  • Design, Development, Rollout and evaluation of learning events
  • Learning paths for continuous improvement and advanced skills development

There is urgent need for upskilling in today’s economy to preserve and grow talent and to retain those who are most valuable to an organization. 

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