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Put New Training Skills to Work with Trivera’s AfterCourse Extras

Trivera’s AfterCourse Extras offer a range of flexible, custom and scalable solutions with expert level after-training support and guidance to help organizations put students’ new training skills smoothly into practice on the job. This removes the apprehension and burden on the team and reduces risk and the time needed for transitioning new skills into projects to provide greater impact faster and effectively.  AfterCourse Extras provides firms with a clear path for integrating new skills into their roles and projects right after training ends.

AfterCourse Extras are a flexible portfolio of services offered to all course and minicamp participants.  Services can be as simple as online support or more in-depth services such as comprehensive day-to-day active skills coaching or project implementation guidance.  We’ll collaborate closely with your firm to create the services that best meet your needs and goals to include:

  • Program design that ensures focus on overall skills integration
  • Integration planning for applying new skills to current projects
  • Scenario driven exercises to operationalize skills knowledge
  • Acceleration of new technical skills within specific projects and current roles
  • Feedback mechanisms and on-call support to answer questions
  • Integrated coaching and mentoring services as required

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Anytime Expert Support – Ask the Experts

No class questions left unanswered! After class, our expert trainers are available by online chat, email or phone to answer questions or assist with technical issues.  Should a student or team require deeper project related assistance or more in-depth expert guidance, our team is available for private project based coaching or one-on-one mentoring.

AfterCourse Project Based Coaching

We work with you to assess how coaching can best be utilized to improve individual and project performance with newly acquired skills to current and new projects. We collaborate closely with you to create a plan to provide accurate, effective guidance for implementing these skills in tandem with actual work with your best practices and standards in mind. Trivera coaches have real-world, current technical experience that enables them to provide focused, hands-on project guidance, just in time skills gap training, and forward-looking instruction within your project timelines.  

AfterCourse One-on-One Mentoring

Should individuals need additional support putting skills into practice after class, our mentors are available for one-to-one dedicated sessions to answer specific project questions, guide processes, fill learning gaps or to help to overcome immediate challenges.  Individual mentoring can be combined with team coaching so there is a multifaceted approach that satisfies both the individual course attendee and the team.

Getting Hands-on: Project or Development Consulting

If your firm would like to leverage our technical team, mentors or coaches for actual hands-on project work, we can provide consulting services to augment current development teams and can also integrate advanced learning into the process. 

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