.Net Web Development with C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net and More

C# .Net essentials in prep for web application development.


Introductory and Beyond

5 Days

Course Overview

Students who attend  .Net Web Development will leave the course armed with the required skills to design and build scalable and maintainable web applications - leveraging our extensive experience in the delivery of scalable enterprise applications with complex web interfaces based on .Net technologies.  Throughout this training, you will also be confronted with common web application design problems and given the tools you will need to solve them.


While many different project/application types will be explored (Windows Forms, ASP .NET Web Application, ASP .NET Web Services, Class Libraries, Console), heavy emphasis is placed on class library development and object-oriented programming principles. Debugging techniques and the underlying workings of the .NET Framework are also covered in detail.

Course Objectives

Working in a dynamic, lab-intensive hands-on coding environment students will learn about:

  • Complete coverage of the C# language
  • Graphical user interface components in the Framework
  • Database access via ADO.Net
  • Create and deploy ASP.Net web applications
  • Create and deploy web services with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • Use of IDE tools like the debugger and server explorer

Course Prerequisites

This is an introductory level .Net / C# developer course, designed for developers new to C#. Attendees should have current hands-on experience in developing applications in other OO programming languages such as Java or C++. This course is NOT for non-developers.

Course Agenda


Please note that this list of topics is based on our standard course offering, evolved from typical industry uses and trends. We’ll work with you to tune this course and level of coverage to target the skills you need most. Topics, agenda and labs may adjust during live delivery based on audience needs and skill-level.



Getting To Know Visual Studio

  • The Various Types Of .NET Projects
  • Project Configuration Settings (“My Project” Designer)
  • Building, Saving, & Running Projects
  • Customizing Visual Studio
  • Settings
  • Compile Options
  • Getting Help
  • Code Expansion, & Code Snippets
  • The MSDN Library & The “Object Browser” Window


Introducing The Microsoft .NET  Framework

  • The CLR (Common Language Runtime)
  • The CLS (Common Language Specification)
  • The CTS (Common Type System)
  • Assemblies, Namespaces & .NET Class Libraries
  • Types
  • Value Types & Reference Types
  • Partial Types
  • .NET Memory Management
  • The Stack & The Managed Heap
  • Garbage Collection
  • Casting vs. Converting vs. Parsing


Windows Forms Applications

  • Windows Forms vs. ASP .NET (Web Forms) Applications
  • Adding Controls & Setting Control Properties
  • Incorporating Event Handling Code


Exception Handling, Debugging & Testing Code

  • The Exception Class
  • trycatchfinally Blocks
  • Setting Breakpoints & Stepping Through Code
  • The Various Debugging Windows



  • Private vs. Shared Assemblies
  • The End Of DLL Hell?
  • The Assembly Manifest, References, & Versioning
  • The Global Assembly Cache (The GAC)
  • Strong Naming An Assembly


C# Language Elements  & Syntax

  • Naming Conventions
  • Using Variables & Primitive Types
  • Primitive Types & C# Variable Declarations
  • Verbaitim Strings


C# Language Elements  & Syntax

  • Decision Making Structures
  • if & switch Constructs
  • C# Operators
  • Looping Structures
  • for & while
  • C# Functions
  • Returning A Value vs. void
  • ref & out Parameters


Object-Oriented Programming & Building Class Libraries

  • Core OO Concepts
  • Classes vs. Instances
  • Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism
  • Overloading, Virtual (Overriding), Static, Hiding
  • Designing The Class
  • Fields, Properties, Methods, Events, Constructors
  • Determining Member Scope
  • Visual Studio 2010’s “Class Diagram” & “Class Designer”
  • Advanced Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Abstract & Sealed Classes
  • Event Delegates
  • Building & Implementing Interfaces
  • Building Enumerable Types (Enums)


Utilizing Class Libraries

  • The .NET Console Application Project Type
  • References & Importing Namespaces
  • Instancing Classes


Introduction To ASP .NET Web Development

  • The HTTP Request/Response (Client/Server) Architecture Model
  • ASP .NET Web Sites vs. ASP .NET Web Applications
  • Web Form, HTML, & HTML Server Controls


Introduction To ASP .NET XML Web Services

  • Building Web Services
  • The [WebService] and [WebMethod] Compiler Attributes
  • Using The Visual Studio Web Service Test Bed
  • The Web Service Description Language (WSDL) Document
  • Building A Web Service Client
  • Making The Web Reference
  • Using The Web Proxy


WCF Web Services

  • Overview
  • Creating an XML web service
  • Using a web service


Exploring and working with ADO.Net

  • Abstract Data support (ie DataSets)
  • Data Providers
  • LINQ
  • Overview of Entity Framework

Course Materials

Each student will receive a Student Guide with course notes, code samples, software tutorials, diagrams and related reference materials and links. Our courses also include step by step hands-on lab instructions and code samples, clearly illustrated for users to complete hands-on work in class, and to revisit to review or refresh skills at any time.  Students will also receive the course set up files and project code needed for the hands on work.

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