Mastering React | With Redux, Flux, Unit Testing, JSX & More

Modern Web Development with React: Essentials, Best Practices, Redux / Flux, Forms, Routing, Hooks, Unit Testing / Jest & More



5 Days

Course Overview

Mastering React is a comprehensive hands-on course that aims to be the single most useful resource on getting up to speed quickly with React.  Geared for more experienced web developers new to React, this course provides students with the core knowledge and hands-on skills they require to build reliable, powerful React apps. After the first few modules, you’ll have a solid understanding of React’s fundamentals and will be able to build a wide array of rich, interactive web apps with the framework. The first module is an introduction to the new functionality in ECMAScript 6 (JavaScript). Client-side routing between pages, managing complex state, and heavy API interaction at scale are also covered.


This course consists of two parts.  In the first part of the course students will explore all the fundamentals with a progressive, example-driven approach. You’ll create your first apps, learn how to write components, start handling user interaction, and manage rich forms. We end the first part by exploring the inner workings of Create React App (Facebook’s tool for running React apps), writing automated unit tests, and building a multi-page app that uses client-side routing.

The latter part of the course moves into more advanced concepts that you’ll see used in large, production applications. These concepts explore strategies for data architecture, transport, and management:

  • Redux is a state management paradigm based on the Flux architecture. Redux provides a structure for large state trees and allows you to decouple user interaction in your app from state changes.
  • GraphQL is a powerful, typed, REST API alternative where the client describes the data it needs.
  • Hooks is the powerful, new way to maintain state and properties with functional components and the future of React according to Facebook.

Hands-on Learning: Every project in this course was built using Create React App. Create React App is based on Webpack, a tool which helps process and bundle our various JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and image files. We explore Create React App in-depth in the module “Using Webpack with Create React App.”

  • Students will build Single Page Applications (SPA), create robust routing with error handling, and both class and functional reusable components.
  • The lab project will also include the use of form validation.
  • The Flux and Redux parts of the lab project will assist the student in understanding the use of advanced state in React.
  • The lab project will importantly unit test the application using both Jest and Enzyme.

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Course Objectives

Our engaging instructors and mentors are highly experienced practitioners who bring years of current "on-the-job" experience into every classroom. Working in a hands-on learning environment, guided by our expert team, attendees will learn about and explore:

  • A basic and advanced understanding of React components
  • An advanced, in-depth knowledge of how React works
  • A complete understanding of using Redux
  • How to build, validate, and populate interactive forms
  • How to use inline styles for perfect looking components
  • How to test React components
  • How to build and use components
  • How to get control of your build process
  • A deep understanding of data-driven modeling with props and state
  • How to use client-side routing for pages in your apps
  • How to debug a React application

Need different skills or topics?  If your team requires different topics or tools, additional skills or custom approach, this course may be further adjusted to accommodate.  We offer additional React, web development and design courses which may be blended with this course for a track that best suits your development objectives.

Course Prerequisites

This fast-paced course is for intermediate skilled web developers new to React who have prior experienced working HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Please see the Related Courses tab for specific Pre-Requisite courses, Related Courses that offer similar skills or topics, and next-step Follow-On Courses and Learning Path recommendations.

Course Agenda

Please note that this list of topics is based on our standard course offering, evolved from typical industry uses and trends. We will work with you to tune this course and level of coverage to target the skills you need most.

  1. ES6 Primer (Optional)
  • Prefer const and let over var
  • Arrow functions
  • Modules
  • Object.assign()
  • Template literals
  • The spread operator and Rest parameters
  • Enhanced object literals
  • Default arguments
  • Destructuring assignments
  1. Your first React Web Application 
  • Setting up your development environment
  • JavaScript ES6 /ES7
  • Getting started  
  • What’s a component?
  • Our first component 
  • Building the App 
  • Making the App data-driven
  • Your app’s first interaction 
  • Updating state and immutability
  • Refactoring with the Babel plugin transform-class-properties 
  1. JSX and the Virtual DOM
  • React Uses a Virtual DOM 
  • Why Not Modify the Actual DOM?
  • What is a Virtual DOM?
  • Virtual DOM Pieces
  • ReactElement
  • JSX
  • JSX Summary 
  1. Components
  • A time-logging app
  • Getting started
  • Breaking the app into components 
  • The steps for building React apps from scratch
  • Updating timers
  • Deleting timers
  • Adding timing functionality
  • Add start and stop functionality 
  • Methodology review
  1. Advanced Component Configuration with props, state, and children
  • ReactComponent 
  • props are the parameters
  • PropTypes
  • Default props with getDefaultProps()
  • context 
  • state
  • Stateless Components
  • Talking to Children Components with props.children 
  1. Forms 
  • Forms 101
  • Text Input
  • Remote Data
  • Async Persistence 
  • Redux
  • Form Modules 
  1. Unit Testing & Jest
  • Writing tests without a framework
  • What is Jest?
  • Using Jest
  • Testing strategies for React applications
  • Testing a basic React component with Enzyme 
  • Writing tests for the food lookup app 
  • Writing FoodSearch.test.js
  1. Routing
  • What’s in a URL?
  • React Router’s core components
  • Building the components of react-router 
  • Dynamic routing with React Router 
  • Supporting authenticated routes 
  1. Intro to Flux and Redux
  • Why Flux?
  • Flux is a Design Pattern
  • Flux implementations
  • Redux & Redux’s key ideas
  • Building a counter 
  • The core of Redux 
  • The beginnings of a chat app
  • Building the reducer()
  • Subscribing to the store
  • Connecting Redux to React 
  1. Intermediate Redux
  • Using createStore() from the redux library
  • Representing messages as objects in state
  • Introducing threads
  • Adding the ThreadTabs component
  • Supporting threads in the reducer
  • Adding the action OPEN_THREAD 
  • Breaking up the reducer function
  • Adding messagesReducer()
  • Defining the initial state in the reducers
  • Using combineReducers() from redux
  1. React Hooks
  • Motivation behind Hooks
  • How Hooks Map to Component Classes
  • Using Hooks Requires react "next" 
  • useState() Hook Example
  • useEffect() Hook Example
  • useContext() Hook Example
  • Using Custom Hooks
  1. Using Webpack with Create React App
  • JavaScript modules
  • Create React App
  • Exploring Create React App
  • Webpack basics
  • Making modifications
  • Hot reloading; Auto-reloading
  • Creating a production build
  • Ejecting 
  • Using Create React App with an API server 
  • When to use Webpack/Create React App
  1. Using GraphQL
  • Your First GraphQL Query 
  • GraphQL Benefits 
  • GraphQL vs. REST 
  • GraphQL vs. SQL
  • Relay and GraphQL Frameworks
  • Chapter Preview
  • Consuming GraphQL
  • Exploring With GraphiQL 
  • GraphQL Syntax 101  . 
  • Complex Types
  • Exploring a Graph 
  • Graph Nodes ; Viewer 
  • Graph Connections and Edges
  • Mutations
  • Subscriptions 
  • GraphQL With JavaScript
  • GraphQL With React

Course Materials

Student Materials: Each participant will receive a Student Guide with course notes, code samples, software tutorials, step-by-step written lab instructions, diagrams and related reference materials and resource links. Students will also receive the project files (or code, if applicable) and solutions required for the hands-on work. Any courseware of lab materials provided in a cloud (if applicable) will also be made available to you separately.

Hands-On Setup Made Simple! Our dedicated tech team will work with you to ensure our ‘easy-access’ cloud-based course environment, or local installation, is accessible, fully-tested and verified as ready to go well in advance of the course start date, ensuring a smooth start to class and effective learning experience for all participants. We can also help you install this course locally if preferred. Please inquire for details and options.

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