Mastering Modern MEANStack Development| Working with MongDB, Express.JS, AngularJS, Node.JS & More

Modern Web Development Series



5 Days

Course Overview

Mastering Modern Mean Stack Development is an in-depth web development course geared for software developers who need to understand what the latest in web technologies, performance, optimization, and user interface design patterns and best practices. This comprehensive course provides a balanced mixture of theory and practical labs designed to take students through MEAN development and related technologies.  Students who attend this course will leave this course armed with the new skills to design, implement, and deploy robust, flexible, and safe web applications.  

Course Objectives


Course Prerequisites

Attendees should have previous experience or working knowledge of developing software applications, as well as a strong foundation in basic JavaScript technologies.  Students should be comfortable with basic web application concepts including REST and CRUD. 

Course Agenda

Session: Full Stack Development


Lesson: MEAN Stack Overview

  • Node.js – Web Server Platform
  • Express – Web App Framework for Node.js
  • MongoDB – Database
  • Angular – Front-end Framework


Lesson: MEAN Stack Architecture

  • MEAN Stack vs Traditional Web Applications
  • JavaScript – Language of the Stack
  • JSON – Data Format of the Stack
  • Typical MEAN Architecture


Session: Building a MEAN Application


Lesson: Setting up the Project

  • Node.js in Depth
  • Node Package Manager (npm)
  • npm and Installing Dependencies
  • Express in depth
  • Setting up an Express Project
  • MVC and Express


Lesson: Building a First Application

  • Defining the Application
  • Defining Routes in Express
  • Basic Controllers
  • Working with Controllers and Routes
  • Understanding Views
  • Working with Views and Data


Lesson: Adding Data to the Picture

  • MongoDB in Depth
  • NoSQL Database Design
  • Creating a MongoDB Database
  • Connecting to the MongoDB Database
  • MongoDB and REST APIs


Session: REST APIs

Lesson: Overview of REST

  • REpresentational State Transfer
  • REST Characteristics
  • REST Elements
  • REST Architectural Principles
  • REST and HTTP
  • REST/HTTP: Representation-Oriented


Lesson: Designing RESTful Services

  • Effectively Designing RESTful Services
  • Best Practices for Endpoint Definition
  • Using Query Parameters
  • Working with HTTP GET and DELETE
  • Working with HTTP PUT
  • Working with HTTP POST
  • Best Practices for HTTP Methods
  • Handling Additional Operations


Session: Real-Time Data Support

Lesson: Exposing MongoDB with REST APIs

  • GET- Reading Data from MongoDB
  • POST – Adding Data to MongoDB
  • PUT – Updating Data to MongoDB
  • DELETE – Removing Data from MongoDB


Lesson: Consuming REST APIs with Express

  • Calling an API From Express
  • Building an API Request
  • Consuming an API Response
  • Passing Data to the View
  • Passing Data to the API
  • Validating Data
  • Handling Errors


Session: Angular for a Dynamic Front-End


Lesson: Overview of Angular Architecture

  • Architectural Elements and Concepts
  • TypeScript
  • Model-View-*
  • Data Binding
  • Components and Services
  • Factories and Events
  • Why Use Typescript
  • Typescript Module System
  • Types/Keywords/Concepts
  • Transpilers
  • Angular and TypeScript


Lesson: Bootstrapping with Angular CLI

  • Challenges in Setting up Projects
  • Angular CLI Overview
  • New Projects with CLI
  • Testing and Generating with CLI
  • Ahead of Time (AOT) Compilation
  • Implications of using AOT


Lesson: Angular Project Structure

  • Top-Level Files and Directories
  • Folders” src and src/app


Lesson: Components and Events

  • Usable Classes in Angular
  • HTML, CSS, and TypeScript in Components
  • Data Binding and Events


Lesson: Third Party Libraries

  • Angular and the Need for Libraries
  • Options for adding Libraries
  • Working with npm install
  • Working with angular-cli.json
  • ng2 Wrappers


Lesson: Dynamic Views

  • Overview of Directives
  • Built-in Directives
  • ngIf and else
  • ngFor and ngSwitch
  • Conditional Styling


Lesson: Pipes

  • Overview of Pipes
  • Built-in Pipes
  • Formatting and Conversions
  • Parameterizing Pipes


Lesson: Forms and the Forms API

  • Forms and NgModel
  • NG Form Groups
  • NG Form Validation
  • Built-in Validators


Lesson: Single Page Applications

  • Overview of SPA Concept
  • Routing in SPAs
  • Creating Routes
  • Routing Options


Lesson: Building and Deploying Applications

  • Developing a Deployment Strategy
  • Package Manager
  • Managing Dependencies
  • Managing Packages Using Bower
  • Grunt Build Manager
  • Gulp Build Manager


Course Materials


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