Introduction to XML | XML Essentials

JumpStart Your Basic XML Skills: Explore XML Structures, Formatting, XPath & XSLT, XSL FO & More



3 Days

Course Overview

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a standard that is enabling a revolution in web applications and business to business interactions. XML is the basis for Wireless Markup Language (WML), Voice Markup Language (VoiceML), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Web Services, and numerous industry initiatives such as ACORD (insurance), PXML (proposal/RFP) and OTA (travel).

Introduction to XML is a three-day, hands-on course geared for software developers who need to understand what XML is and how to use in with today's systems and architectures.  This course covers the topics from tags to architectures. The course is a balanced mixture of theory and practical labs designed to take students from a quick review of the basic fundamentals of XML through to the related advanced technologies.  The students walk through the different standards in a structured manner to enable them to master the concepts and ideas, which are reinforced in the lab exercises. 

The course starts with a quick review of the fundamentals of XML before covering XML Schema in detail.  It then moves on to the XPath and XSLT covering advanced topics in both.  Finally, XML and Web Services security mechanisms and issues are addressed.

Course Objectives

This course is an intensive, hands-on introduction to XML, XPath, and XSLT.  The course is a balanced mixture of theory and practical labs designed to take students from the basic fundamentals of XML through to the related advanced technologies.  The students walk through the different standards in a structured manner to enable them to master the concepts and ideas, which are reinforced in the lab exercises.  The course starts with the fundamentals of XML, including coverage of DTDs and XML Schema.  It then moves on to the XPath and XSLT standards, and how to use them to transform XML documents into other documents such as HTML documents or other XML documents.

This course provides indoctrination in the practical use of W3C standards (including XSL and XML Schema) and of implementing tools and technologies. This course is programming language independent, making it useful for Java, .NET, C++, and any other programming orientation. Graduates will hit the ground running, applying XML to projects at both an architectural as well as a line by line coding level.  We can easily adapt this course to industry and client specific needs. 

In addition to valuable knowledge and working examples, students receive a copy of the "Xtensil" product.   This unique software was developed to assist in implementing, testing, and fielding XML applications.  Xtensil is used as both a teaching aid and a straightforward, basic, fully functional XML toolkit that students can use on Windows and Linux platforms.

Working in a hands-on learning environment student will learn to:

  • Write well-formed XML documents
  • Model business requirements using XML
  • Handle XML reserved characters
  • Validate an XML document with a DTD and with a Schema
  • Centralize data and markup definition with entities
  • Create DTDs and Schemas using XML tools
  • Generate XML documents from databases
  • Write XSL templates to transform XML documents into HTML
  • Integrate XML, XSL and the DOM to implement a complete solution

Course Prerequisites

This is an introductory-level XML training course, designed for those needing an introduction to concepts and technologies associated with XML and its related recommendations. Previous experience or knowledge of HTML is helpful but not essential.

Please see the Related Courses tab for specific Pre-Requisite courses, Related Courses or Follow On training options. Our team will be happy to help you with recommendations for next steps in your Learning Journey.

Course Agenda

Please note that this list of topics is based on our standard course offering, evolved from typical industry uses and trends. We will work with you to tune this course and level of coverage to target the skills you need most.

Session: XML Content

Lesson: Introduction to XML

  • XML Separates Structure, Content and Format
  • Content: XML Document Syntax Rules
  • Structure: DTD or XML Schema
  • Formatting: XSLT Transformation to HTML

Lesson: XML Mechanics

  • XML Document Structure
  • Rules for Well-Formed XML
  • Content as MarkUp
  • Namespaces Associate Alias with a URI

Session: XML Structure

Lesson: Namespaces

  • XML Namespaces
  • Name Collisions
  • Namespace Scope
  • Namespaces Best Practices

 Lesson: Structure Using Schemas

  • Document Type Definition (DTD)…
  • W3C XML Schemas
  • Elements, Attributes, and Types
  • Restricting Simple Types: Facets
  • Complex Types
  • Attribute Definitions
  • Derivation by Extension
  • Using XML Schema with Namespaces

Session: XML Formatting

Lesson: CSS and Rendering XML

  • Cascading Style Sheets and XML
  • XML/CSS Processing Flow

 Lesson: XSL Transformations

  • XPath Describes Locations Within XML
  • XSLT is Rule-Based Transformation Language
  • XSL is Oriented Towards Formatting

 Lesson: XSLT and XPath

  • XPath Data Model
  • Location Paths
  • Additional Filtering
  • XPath Operators and Functions
  • XSLT Stylesheet Structure
  • Templates Are The Rules
  • Conflict Resolution for Templates
  • Calling Templates
  • Looping, Sorting and Conditional Processing Constructs

 Lesson: XPath 2.0 and XSLT 2.0 Overview

  • XPath 2.0 Improvements
  • XPath 2.0 and XQuery 1.0
  • XSLT 2.0 Improvements

Lesson: XSL FO (Formatting Objects)

  • XSL Family Working Together
  • Apache’s FOP: Rendering XML
  • Page Types Can Be Conditional
  • Content Flows Into Page Regions

Session: Applying XML

Lesson: XML Interoperability

  • XML From a Data Perspective
  • XML/Database Interfacing
  • Challenges to Mapping XML

Lesson: XML Performance Improvements

  • Best Practices
  • Organization of Best Practices

Lesson: Web Services Overview

  • XML in Web Services
  • WSDL: Description
  • Many Web Services Challenges

Lesson: XML Applications

  • W3C Activities
  • Benefits of XML
  • Drawbacks of XML
  • Crossing Boundaries
  • Challenges to Integration

Course Materials

Course Materials: Each participant will receive a Student Guide with course notes, code samples, software tutorials, step-by-step written lab instructions, diagrams and related reference materials and resource links. Students will also receive the project files (or code, if applicable) and solutions required for the hands-on work.

Classroom Setup Made Simple:  Our dedicated tech team will work with you to ensure your classroom and lab environment is setup, tested and ready to go well in advance of the course delivery date, ensuring a smooth start to class and seamless hands-on experience for your students. We offer several flexible student machine setup options including guided manual set up for simple installation directly on student machines, or cloud based / remote hosted lab solutions where students can log in to a complete separate lab environment minus any installations, or we can supply complete turn-key, pre-loaded equipment to bring ready-to-go student machines to your facility.  Please inquire for details.

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