Intermediate Tableau for Power Users

Next Level Tableau | Advanced Charts, Formatting & Visualizations; Calculations, Statistics, Mappings & More



2 Days

Course Overview

Intermediate Tableau for Power Users is a two-day course that provides you with hands-on experience with the less obvious (often more advanced) tricks and tips within Tableau that can help you accelerate you day to day tasksworking with Tableau.  In order to gain the most from the labs, you should come to class armed with a deep understanding of all the fundamental concepts of building worksheets and dashboards. Throughout the class you’ll learn how to build advanced chart types and visualizations, as well as complex calculations to manipulate your data. You’ll explore working with geographical mapping and using custom images and geocoding to build spatial visualizations of non-geographic data. You’ll also deep dive Implementing all options in working with data. Your expert facilitator will share tons of practical experience, best practices and tips and tricks throughout the course.

NOTE: The Tableau Training Series is independent-format training that can be tuned and adjusted to best meet your needs. Our materials are flexible, comprehensive, and are always instructed by a senior instructor with a deep understanding of Tableau and its most current features, benefits and functionality in a wide array of uses.

Course Objectives

This skills-focused course combines expert lecture, real-world demonstrations and group discussions with machine-based practical labs and exercises.  Working in a hands-on learning environment led by our expert facilitator, you'll learn how to:

  • Build advanced chart types and visualizations
  • Build complex calculations to manipulate your data
  • Work with statistics and statistical techniques
  • Work with parameters and input controls
  • Implement advanced geographic mapping techniques and use custom images and geocoding to build spatial visualizations of non-geographic data
  • Implement all options in working with data: Joining multiple tables, data blending, performance considerations and working with the Data Engine, sharing your connections as meta data, and understand when to implement which connection method.
  • Build better dashboards using techniques for guided analytics, interactive dashboard design and visual best practices
  • Implement many efficiency tips and tricks
  • Optional: Understand the basics of Tableau Server and other options for sharing your results

Need different skills or topics?  If your team requires different topics or tools, additional skills or custom approach, this course may be further adjusted to accommodate.  We offer additional Tableau, reporting, data analytics, visualization and other related topics that may be blended with this course for a track that best suits your needs.

Course Prerequisites

This is an Intermediate and beyond-level Tableau course geared for experienced Tableau users who wish to leverage Tableau’s more advanced capabilities.

Take Before: Attending students should have skills equivalent to or should have recently attended one of these courses:

  • TTDTAB002   Introduction to Tableau / Tableau JumpStart (2 days)
  • TTDTAB006   Tableau Desktop Fundamentals (2 days)
  • TTDTAB004   JumpStart Great Data Visualization with Tableau Desktop (for New Users)

Please see the Related Courses tab for Pre-Requisite course specifics and links, links to similar courses you might review as an alternative, as well as suggested Next-Step Follow-On Courses and Learning Path recommendations.

Course Agenda

Please note that this list of topics is based on our standard course offering, evolved from typical industry uses and trends. We will work with you to tune this course and level of coverage to target the skills you need most. Topics, agenda and labs are subject to change, and may adjust during live delivery based on audience interests, skill-level and participation.

Introduction and Getting Started (Quick Refresh, Optional)

  • Why Tableau? Why Visualization?
  • The Tableau Product Line
  • Level Setting – Terminology
  • Getting Started – creating some powerful visualizations quickly
  • Review of some Key Fundamental Concepts

Filtering, Sorting & Grouping

  • Filtering, Sorting and Grouping are fundamental concepts when working with and analyzing data.
  • Advanced options for filtering and hiding
  • Understanding your many options for ordering and grouping your data: Sort,
  • Groups, Bins, Sets
  • Understanding how these options inter-relate

Working with Data

  • Learn the difference between joining and blending data, and to do each
  • Consider the implications of working with large data sets, and options for when and how to work with extracts and the data engine.
  • Investigate best practices in “sharing” data sources for Tableau Server users.
  • Data Types and Roles
    • Dimension versus Measures
    • Data Types
    • Discrete versus Continuous
    • The meaning of pill colors
  • Database Joins
  • Data Blending
  • Working with the Data Engine / Extracts and scheduling extract updates
  • Working with Custom SQL
  • Adding to Context
  • Switching to Direct Connection
  • Building meta data via shared Data Source connections
  • Performance considering and working with big data
  • OLAP considerations (Overview)

Working with Calculated Data and Statistics

  • Understand the intricacies of manipulating data within Tableau
  • A Quick Review of Basic Calculations
  • Arithmetic Calculations
  • String Manipulation
  • Date Calculations
  • Quick Table Calculations
  • Custom Aggregations
  • Custom Calculated Fields
    • Logic and Conditional Calculations
    • Conditional Filters
  • Advanced Table Calculations
    • Understanding Scope and Direction
    • Calculate on Results of Table Calculations
    • Complex Calculations
    • Difference From Average
    • Discrete Aggregations
    • Index to Ratios
  • Understanding where Calculations Occur
    • Statistics
    • Reference / Trend Lines
    • Statistical Calculations
    • Summary Stats
    • Cohort Analysis
  • Working with Dates and Times
    • Continuous versus Discrete Dates
    • Dates and Times
    • Reference Dates

Advanced Mapping

  • Learn the intricacies of working with the mapping function within Tableau including working with custom geographies and geo-coding, working with an alternate WMS server and spatially visualizing non-geographic data
  • Fundamentals Review: Building basic maps
    • Fixing geographies; Geographic Fields; Map Options
  • Built-in Demographics / Layering
  • WMS – working with a Web Map Service
  • Importing Custom Geographies
  • Assigning Geographies to Non-Geographic fields
  • Distance Calculations
  • Spatially Visualizing non-Geographic Data using background images and geo-coding

Working with Parameters

  • How to use parameters to modify our title, create What-If analysis, etc
  • Parameter Basics
    • Data types of parameters
    • Using parameters in calculated fields
    • Inputting parameter values and parameter control options
  • Advanced Usage of Parameters
    • Using parameters for titles, field selections, logic statements, Top X

Building Advanced Chart Types and Visualizations / Tips & Tricks

  • Create chart types and visualizations that may be less obvious in Tableau, as well as more common tips & tricks / techniques to assist customers in solving more complex problems.
  • Bar in Bar
  • Box Plot
  • Bullet Chart
  • Custom Shapes
  • Gantt Chart
  • Heat Map
  • Pareto Chart
  • Spark Line
  • KPI Chart

Best Practices in Formatting and Visualizing

  • Formatting Tips
    • Drag to Legend; Edit Legend; Fill 100% Black Line; Highlighting; Labeling; Legends; Working with Nulls; Table Options; Annotations and Display Options
  • Introduction to Visualization Best Practices

Building Better Dashboards

  • How to build effective and interactive applications via dashboarding.
  • Interactive Dashboards
    • Quick Filters; Dashboard Objects; Filter Actions; Highlighting and Actions; Performance; Publish to Web; Zones
  • Guided Analytics
  • Cascading Filters
  • Highlighting
  • Quick filter Options
  • Select then See Visual
  • Self-Populating Dashboards
  • Shortcuts
  • URL Actions

Optional Overview – Working with Tableau Server

  • Publishing to Tableau Server – Overview of publishing, scheduling & security options
  • Tableau Server Usage – Interacting with Published Visualizations

Course Materials

Hands-on Access Made Simple.   All course materials, data sets, Tableau course software (limited version, for course use only), course notes and related resources (as applicable) are provided for attendees in our easy access, no installation required, remote lab environment for the duration of the course. Our tech team will help set up, test and verify lab access for each attendee prior to the course start date, ensuring a smooth start to class and successful hands-on course experience for all participants. 

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