AI Insights: A Practical Guide to AI Types, Principles and Applications (TTAI2051)



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Course Overview


Dive into the transformative world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this half-day intensive course, designed for individuals keen to explore the depths of AI technology. You'll gain a solid foundation in various AI types, including self-aware AI, artificial narrow intelligence, artificial general intelligence, and the cutting-edge concept of artificial super intelligence. Through expert-led presentations and practical demonstrations, you'll see firsthand the power of AI across different sectors, from agriculture to government, and understand the ethical considerations and reliability issues that come with its deployment.

This session is a part of our Exploring AI for the Enterprise Kick Start Series (the AI 8-Pack!), tailored to bring together business executives, stakeholders, IT professionals, and data analysts for an in-depth exploration of Artificial Intelligence within the enterprise context. This series, structured into eight concise three-hour workshops, is designed to demystify AI for a broad audience. Led by seasoned industry experts, each session is crafted to unpack the practical applications and theoretical foundations of AI, from basic principles to advanced technologies like conversational and generative AI. The workshops are interactive and engaging, combining lectures, light hands-on activities, and exposure to the latest AI tools and techniques. You can see the additional sessions in Related Courses tab. Sessions can be tuned for groups and skills of any size. Please contact us for details.


Course Objectives

Key Objectives

  • Comprehensive AI Understanding: Master the key types and principles of AI, distinguishing between artificial narrow intelligence, general intelligence, and super intelligence.

  • Practical AI Applications: Discover AI's transformative role in various industries, including its potential to innovate in agriculture, medicine, finance, and more.

  • Ethical and Reliable AI Use: Explore the ethical use of AI and the factors influencing its reliability in deployment.

  • Hands-On AI Experience: Gain introductory hands-on experience with common AI technologies, enhancing your practical skills.

  • Future AI Trends: Engage in discussions about the future of AI, including emerging research areas and advancements in technology.


Key Benefits

  • Broad AI Knowledge: Expand your understanding of AI's diverse types and their applications, positioning you to leverage AI technology effectively.

  • Industry-Relevant Skills: Learn about AI's impact on various sectors, equipping you with knowledge to apply AI innovations in your field.

  • Ethical AI Deployment: Understand the importance of ethical considerations in AI, preparing you to implement AI responsibly.

  • Insight into AI Advancements: Stay ahead of technological trends with insights into the latest AI research and potential future developments.

  • Engagement and Innovation: Foster a deeper interest in AI technology and its capabilities, inspiring innovation within your organization.

Course Prerequisites

Participants, ranging from decision-makers seeking strategic insights to tech enthusiasts keen on the latest AI advancements, will find this series invaluable. It offers a unique opportunity to deepen understanding, enhance skills, and explore the potential of AI to transform business operations. Whether attending individual sessions to address specific interests or engaging with the entire suite for a comprehensive overview, attendees will leave equipped to lead AI initiatives, drive innovation, and secure a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Course Agenda

Key Objectives

  • Grasp Essential AI Concepts: Learn the basics of AI, machine learning, and deep learning, and understand their distinctions and real-world applications.

  • Stay Current with AI Advancements: Keep up with the latest in AI technology and its impact across industries.

  • Leverage Data in AI: Understand the critical role of data in AI development and how to use it effectively.

  • Ethical AI Use: Explore ethical considerations in AI and develop awareness of reliability issues.

  • Practical AI Testing Skills: Gain skills in testing and troubleshooting AI systems.

AI in Business: Understand how AI is applied in business contexts and communicate its benefits effectively.

Course Materials

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