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Advancing Skills Through Coaching and Mentoring

Adding expert coaching and mentoring into any skills-development strategy provides employees and teams with powerful tools to help them quickly put new skills into practice.  Coaching and mentoring builds confidence and instills a culture of continuous improvement and advancement.  Trivera offers a variety of robust coaching and mentoring services to help firms achieve individual, team and business goals.

Trivera Expert Coaching for Teams and Projects

Coaching is a performance driven process focused on providing practical, productivity driven guidance while on-the-job.  Our expert coaches can help employees implement new skills with less burden on your team and with less overall risk for your organization or project.  The ulitimate goal of coaching is for employees to comfortably, successfully and independently work in their roles, using or adopting new skills, making a meaningful  contribution to their projects, team and organization.

When to consider coaching?

  • To get employees or teams get over lingering skills-hurdles in their projects
  • To provide short-term improvements to performance in specific areas
  • To help employees gain confidence to exceed expectations
  • To motivate team members to grow skills expertise
  • To ensure adoption and impact of new programs or systems
  • To help with change management or integration of new people and systems

Trivera coaching programs are custom aligned with company technical goals and and team-dynamics.  We develop coaching programs that will:

  • Encourage skills development with set goals
  • Improve overall performance and impact to the organization
  • Determine personal and professional issues that may hinder performance
  • Provide a feedback loop to build on strengths and overcome challenges

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Harnessing The Power Of Experience Through Mentoring

Where Coaching activities tend to emphasize team skills and project outcomes, Trivera’s Mentoring services focus on the individual’s learning journey and career goals.  Our Mentors bring years of practical, hands-on experience into every mentoring relationship. We provide critical support to your employees to help them with ‘on the job’ skill challenges as well as provide practical guidance to plan and navigate each step to advance their skills.

Mentoring often involves interaction and training to build confidence and ensure success with projects, personal skills development and when working with or managing others.

When to consider mentoring:

  • When employees can benefit from focused, dedicated support
  • When there is a need to nurture and elevate employees
  • To preserve and grow internal skills and to alleviate skills gaps
  • To motivate high-value employees in current roles and for advancement

We create immersive, collaborative mentoring programs that allow those who have achieved success within the industry or area of expertise to share his or her knowledge with others in the organization. This. Mentoring programs ensure current and newfound knowledge can be applied effectively now and in the future that will:

  • Build trusting, effective relationships between the mentor and mentee
  • Improve personal skills and build long-term confidence
  • Increase productivity and teach new ways to approach work
  • Increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness of training initiatives
  • Ensure skilled individuals can expand their competencies
  • Apply collaborative, hand-on assistance with current projects
  • Implement review processes to assess value of mentoring relationships

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