Angular & React

Introduction to Angular | Angular Essentials JumpStart

Explore Angular Essentials, Build Custom Components, Use Application Routes, Form Validation, Unit-Testing & More
Code: TT4165
Duration: 3 Days

Mastering Angular Developer Boot Camp | Essentials, Best Practices, Testing, Forms, RxJS & More

Explore Hands-on Angular Essentials, Components, Services, SPA, Routing, RxJS, TDD / Testing, REST API and More
Code: TT4168
Duration: 5 Days

Intermediate Angular | Reactive Angular, RxJS, NgRX, Testing, Security, Optimization & More

Gain Next-Level Angular Skills | Enhance, Optimize, Authenticate, Secure Angular & More
Code: TT4169
Duration: 2 Days

Getting Started with React | Introduction to React Basics

Learn Step by Step Basic React Application Development | Explore Basics, Components, Forms, Routing & Basic Unit Tests
Code: TT4190
Duration: 3 Days

React JumpStart | Fast Track to React for Skilled Web Developers

Fast Paced React Foundation Course for Experienced Web Developers | React, Redux, Routers, Hooks, Composition & More
Code: TT4192
Duration: 3 Days

Getting Started with the Redux JavaScript Library | Redux Deep Dive

Explore Using Redux to Simplify Your Complex Data, Working with Redux Middleware, Handle Asynchronous Ops and More
Code: TT4193
Duration: 3 Days

React Testing Deep Dive

Explore React Testing Strategies, TDD, Jest and RTL, Test Asynchronous Code & Components & More
Code: TT4194
Duration: 3 Days

Mastering React Web Developer Boot Camp

Comprehensive, Hands-on React: Essentials, Best Practices, Redux / Flux, Forms, Routing, Hooks, Unit Testing / Jest & More
Code: TT4195 / TTSREACT3
Duration: 5 Days

Next-Level React | Working with React Hooks

Explore Working with React Hooks to Modernize State Management in your React Applications
Code: TT4196
Duration: 5 Days

Advanced React

Explore Next Level React Skills & Best Practices for Experienced Developers
Code: TT4197
Duration: 2 Days

Getting Started with React Native

Next -Level React: Explore Step-by-Step how to Build, Test & Publish React Native Applications
Code: TT4198 / TTSREACT5
Duration: 3 Days

Mastering React Native

Next -Level React: Explore Step-by-Step How to Build Test & Publish React Native Applications
Code: TT4199
Duration: 5 Days

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