Apache & Open Source

Introduction to Kafka for Developers (TTDS6760)

Quick Start to Kafka Concepts, Architecture, Programming in Kafka, Streaming, Monitoring, Tuning & More
Code: TTDS6760
Duration: 2 Days

Introduction to Hive | Apache Hive Essentials

Learn Hive Essentials, Architecture & Skills for Data Warehousing Hadoop
Code: TTDS6763
Duration: 2 Days

Introduction to Hadoop Administration

Gain the Core Skills Required to Install, Maintan, Monitor, Troubleshoot, Optimize and Secure Hadoop
Code: TTDS6503
Duration: 3 Days

Big Data Analytics with Hadoop

Leverage the Hadoop Ecosystem to Build Analystics Solutions | MapReduce, YARN, Apache Flink, Spark, Web Services & More
Code: TTDS6653
Duration: 3 Days

Developing with Spark for Big Data | Enterprise-Grade Spark Programming for the Hadoop & Big Data Ecosystem

Next Level Spark Development for Experienced Developers
Code: TTSK7505
Duration: 5 Days

Machine Learning Essentials with Python and Spark (TTML5506-K)

Explore Core Machine Learning Skills, Basic Algorithms, Linear Regression, Logitics Regressions, Classification, Clustering & More (TTML5506-K)
Code: TTML5506-K
Duration: 3 Days

Machine Learning & Deep Learning Essentials with Spark and TensorFlow (TTML5508)

Explore Core Skills, Regression, Classification, Naïve Bayes, Spark, TensorFlow, Keras, Neural Networks & More
Code: TTML5508
Duration: 5 Days

Apache Spark Primer | Quick Start to Spark Basics, Components, RDDs & More

Get Started with Spark Basics, Leverage Features, Explore & Use RDDs, Spark SQL & Dataframes and More
Code: TTSK7502
Duration: 2 Days

Introduction to Apache Spark | Hands-on Spark for Big Data & Machine Learning

Explore Spark Essentials | Ecosystem, Data Structures, Spark SQL, APIs, RRDs, Hadoop, Streaming and More
Code: TTSK7503
Duration: 3 Days

Introduction to Ansible | Automation with Ansible (TTDV7580)

Explore Core Ansible | Automatic Provisioning, Configuration Management, Service Deployment, Operational Processes & More
Code: TTDV7580
Duration: 3 Days

Implementing a CI/CD Pipeline | Working with GitLab, GitLab CI and Ansible

Expore modern software development! Learn how to automate the process of building, testing, and deploying your code.
Code: TTDV7563
Duration: 3 Days

Introduction to Jenkins | Jenkins Quick Start (TTDV7520)

Explore Configuring & Running Jenkins, Creating Builds, Jenkins CI / CD, Securing Jenkins, Best Practices & More
Code: TTDV7520
Duration: 2 Days

Continuous Integration and Deployment & Unit Testing with Git & Jenkins

Explore CI/CD, Git, Git Tools, Jenkins Integration, Functional Testing, Jenkins & More
Code: TTDV7560
Duration: 5 Days

Introduction to Kubernetes / Kubernetes Quick Start (TTDV7590)

Explore Kubernetes Core Functionality, Work with the Cloud; Build Clusters, and Deploy and Manage Applications on Clusters
Code: TTDV7590
Duration: 2 Days

PostgreSQL Server Administration (TTDB7020)

Explore the PostgreSQL Database Server Architecture, Administration, Configuration, Management, Monitoring, Reporting and More
Code: TTDB7020
Duration: 3 Days

Advanced PostgreSQL Administration and Performance

Explore Next-Level PostgreSQL Administrative Tasks, Performance Tuning, Monitoring, Security, Replication and More
Code: TTDB7023
Duration: 3 Days

PostgreSQL for Database Developers (TTDB7024)

Quickly Migrate Your SQL Experience to Leverage Core Features and Functionality within PostgreSQL
Code: TTDB7024
Duration: 3 Days

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