Python Fundamentals & Primers

Introduction to Python Programming Basics

Kickstart Basic Python Scripting Skills for Any Role
Code: TTPS4800
Duration: 3 Days

Hands-On Python Programming / Quick Start to Python

Hands-On Quick Introduction to Python Basics for Experienced Scripters / Developers
Code: TTPS4802
Duration: 2 Days

Python Programming Essentials

Gain In-Depth Core Python Skills | Best Practices, Regular Expressions, Classes, OO & More
Code: TTPS4810
Duration: 4 Days

Python Programming Basics with REST (For New Developers)

Learn to Think Like a Developer | Write and Run Script, Work with Python REST Clients, Python Modules & More
Code: TTPS4814
Duration: 4 Days

Mastering Python | Practical Python Boot Camp

Hands-on, Complete Python: Core Python Skills, Regular Expressions, Classes, OO, Binary Data, Network Services & More
Code: TTPS4820
Duration: 5 Days

Python for Networking & Systems Administration / SysAdmin

Gain Essentials Python Scripting Skills for Task Automation and Network Programming
Code: TTPS4824
Duration: 4 Days

Introduction to Full Stack Web Development with Python and Django

Modern Skills for Robust Web Development | Core Python, Classes, Django Architecture, Views, Querying, Templates, Testing & More
Code: TTPS4860
Duration: 5 Days

Introduction to Flask | Developing Web Applications with Flask

JumpStart to Flask: Explore Flask Essentials, Views, Database Integration, Jinja Templates, Error Handling, Testing & More
Code: TTPS4868
Duration: 3 Days

Python Primer for Data Science and Machine Learning | Hands-on Technical Overview

Explore Python Basics for Business and Data Analysis
Code: TTPS4872
Duration: 2 Days

Python Security | Introduction to Python Programming for Security Analysts & Professionals

Implement Better Defenses in Python | Python Essentials, File Operations, Binary Data, Networking Services, Python Security & More
Code: TTPS4894
Duration: 4 Days

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