Overviews & Primers

Implementing AI in Business: Stakeholder Strategies for the Modern Data Driven, Automated Enterprise (TTAI2101)

Gain actionable insights and practical skills to implement AI initiatives that drive meaningful improvements across various organizational functions.
Code: TTAI2101 / TTML5501
Duration: 1 Day

Exploring AI / AIOps for Business Innovators: Unlock the Power of Intelligent Automation in Healthcare (TTAI2101-H)

Healthcare Edition: Transform your Healthcare Operations with the Power of Intelligent Automation
Code: TTAI2101-H
Duration: 1 Day

Understanding, Harnessing and Applying Generative AI in Business: A Practical Approach for Decision Makers and Architects (TTAI2102)

Harness the power of Generative AI to identify use cases, manage AI projects, solve business problems and secure AI systems effectively
Code: TTAI2102 / TTAI2105
Duration: 1 Day

Hands-on AI / AIOps for Business Innovators: Unlock the Power of Intelligent Automation (For Non-Technical Business Users) (TTAI2105)

Business Users Edition: Transform Your Business Operations and Efficiency with the Power of Intelligent Automation & AIOps
Code: TTAI2105
Duration: 2 Full Days, or 4 Half Day Mini-Camp Sessions

Quick Start to Using Azure OpenAI / Hands-on Basics for Everyday Business Users (No Coding Required!) (TTAI2321)

No Coding Required! Learn the top skills, step-by-step, needed to put OpenAI, GPT-3 and DALL-E to work for you.
Code: TTAI2321 / TTAI2001
Duration: 1 Day

Data Science Overview | Tools, Tech & Modern Roles in the Data Driven Enterprise (TTDS6000)

Explore the Data Science Ecosystem, Databases, ETL, Languages / Scripting, AI for Business, Modern Data Teams & More
Code: TTDS6000
Duration: 1 Day

Understanding AI / Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning / Overview (TTML5500)

Explore How AI & Machine Learning Apply in Today’s Business Enterprise, Current Tools, Trends & More (TTML5500)
Code: TTML5500
Duration: 1 Day

Exploring AI & Machine Learning for the Enterprise / Hands-On Overview (TTML5502)

Explore AI & Machine Learning Basics, How they Apply in Today’s Business Enterprise, New Tools, Trends & More
Code: TTML5502
Duration: 2 Days

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