AI & ML Programming

Fast Track to Python for Data Science | Introduction to Python for Data Science

JumpStart your Python Skills for Data Analytics | Intro to Python Basics, Pandas, Numpy and More
Code: TTPS4873
Duration: 3 Days

Hands-On Deep Learning Deep Dive | Getting Started with Mathematical Concepts, Algorithms, Neural Networks & More

Explore Machine Learning Core Skills, Algorithms, Deep Learning, Neural Networks and More
Code: TTML6604
Duration: 4 Days

Algorithms of the Intelligent Web | Building Intelligent Web Applications

Apply Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Modern AI Skills to Capture, Store & Structure Data Streams
Code: TTAML001
Duration: 3 Days

Building Recommendation Systems with Python

Explore Step-by-Step Skills to Develop and Deploy Industry Standard Intelligent Recommendation Systems
Code: TTAML012
Duration: 3 Days

Machine Learning Essentials with Python

Explore ML Core Skills, Stats, Probability, Algortihms, Predicitve Models, KNN and PCA, Handling Real World Data & More
Code: TTML5506-P
Duration: 3 Days

Hands-on Predictive Analytics with Python

Explore the Python Data Analytics Ecosystem for a Complete Solution, Advanced Algorithms, SciKit Learn, Keras and Much More
Code: TTPS4879
Duration: 3 Days

Introduction to R Programming | R Programming JumpStart

JumpStart R! Program in R, Read Data, Access R Packages, Write Functions, Make Graphs, Analyze Data & More
Code: TTDS6680
Duration: 3 Days

R Essentials Primer for Data Science

QuickStart to R for data-focused skills covering R Basics, Vectors, Files, Dates, Multiple Dimensions & More
Code: TTDS6682
Duration: 2 Days

Database Access in R | dplyR, NoSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra & More

Working with Databases in R: RDBMS with RODBC; Using dplyr; R with NoSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra & More
Code: TTDS6687
Duration: 2 Days

Machine Learning Essentials with Scala

Explore ML with Scala | Core Skills, Stats, Probability, Algortihms, Regression, Classification, Naïve Bayes & More
Code: TTML5506-S
Duration: 3 Days

Apache Spark Primer| Spark Essentials, Components, RDDs & UDFs

Data Science Primer Series: Working with Spark Components for Developers
Code: TTDS6500
Duration: 1 Day

Machine Learning & Deep Learning Essentials with Spark and TensorFlow

Explore Core Skills, Regression, Classification, Naïve Bayes, Spark, TensorFlow, Keras, Neural Networks & More
Code: TTML5508
Duration: 5 Days

Machine Learning Foundation: Working with Spark and TensorFlow

Explore Spark Essentials, Algorithms, Machine Learning, and Data Mining Concepts, and How TensorFlow Implements Them
Code: TTML6805
Duration: 5 Days

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