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Welcome to Trivera Technologies!

Trivera Technologies is a IT education services & courseware firm that offers a range of wide professional technical education services including: end to end IT training development and delivery , skills-based mentoring programs, new hire training and re-skilling services, courseware licensing and development services and corporate learning and vendor management services. 

We teach students of all experience levels everything related to designing, developing, coding, testing, securing, administering and maintaining software, web and mobile applications, and the IT and business services and tools that surround, support and manage those efforts.

We support the educational needs of  groups of any size, from small teams who might need one-time learning events, to developing and delivering scalable, role or skills-based training plans for large scale, long-term enterprise-wide learning initiatives.

Our leading-edge learning solutions are robust, flexible, easily customizable and cost-effective. We collaborate closely with our clients to develop focused, skills-based programs that focus on what they really need to learn, based on true skills-goals and roles. Our focus is to ensure that our students gain the skills they need to be effective in their job or project, right after the training ends.

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Public Training Sale!
Over 50 Hands-on, Engaging AppDev, WebDev & IT Courses Discounted with Spring Savings!

We Offer Expert, Hands-On Training In... (Click topic to see courses)
Application Development & Programming Servers, Tools, O/S & Databases
Java 8, Java 9 & Advanced Java Training Oracle Training: SOA, OEM, Composite
JEE & JEE Web Application Development Oracle DBA, SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL
C#.Net, ASP.Net, MVC & Visual Studio Oracle WebLogic, ADF, Fusion & More
Spring 4.0 & 5.0 & Hibernate Training IBM WebSphere, RSA, RAD & More
Groovy / Grails, Ruby / Rails IBM Training: Tools, Servers & Systems
OOAD, UML, Patterns & More TomCat, IntelliJ, JBoss & Eclipse Training
SOA & Web Services Training Unix, Linux & Solaris Training
Agile, TDD & Unit Testing Training Korn, Shell, Bash Scripting
Big Data, Hadoop & Cloud Training Windows, MS Tools & SQL Server
C++ Programming Training Mainframe Training
C & COBOL Programming Training DB2 Training, DB2/UDB, DB2/ZOS
Python, Perl, PHP Programming Training SharePoint Training
Application Security & Secure Coding IT Business Skills
Secure Web Application Development Software Analysis & Engineering
Secure Coding / OWASP Training Enterprise Architecture & TOGAF
Secure Software Development Training Software Testing, QA & Testing Tools
Mobile Application Security Project Management Training
Web Development, Programming & Design Business Analysis Training
Backbone, AngularJS, ExtJS & More Agile & Scrum Training
XML & Advanced XML Training Data Tools & Reporting
Scripting: Python, Perl, PHP Training Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, BI, BO
Mobile Application Development Informatica Training
Android & IOS Development Training
SalesForce Training
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Public Course Sale!
 HOT Upcoming Guaranteed to Run Classes.....(Partial List)

Java 9 Programming for OO Experienced Developers (such as C++, C# etc.) (TT2100-J7)

Java Web Developer | with Servlets, JSTL, XML, Web Services & More (TT5180)

Mastering Java Web Services (with Advanced Topics): SOA, JAX-RS, JAX-WS & More (TT7380)

HTML5 Mobile Application Development (TT4635)

Java 9 Programming for Developers NEW to OO (such as C, COBOL, 4GL, etc) (TT2120-J7)

Working with Groovy and Grails (TT3465)

Understanding Web Application Security - A Technical Overview (TT8020)

Understanding SOA: A Technical Overview (TT7000)

Service Oriented Analysis | SOA Analysis (TT7100)

What's New in Java 9: Transitioning to Java 9 (TT2109)

Mastering Test Driven Development with JUnit (TT3500)

Advanced Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Best Practices & More (TT4600)

Secure Java Web Application Development (TT8325-J)

Secure .Net Web Application Development (TT8325-N)

Developing Android Applications

Introduction to Python Programming (TTEY101)

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New Program: Java OnRamp Training
NEW! Blended Learning Program: Java OnRamp Program

the skills you need while saving time in the classroom!
Geared for developers new to OO (C, COBOL, etc.) this in-depth, completely custom program combines a series of targeted online sessions and guided hands-on project / case study work with immersive, expert-led classroom based training, post training guidance and follow up. 

Sessions, topics and labs are tuned to each students skill level and goals, ensuring every attendee gets individualized, focused attention and full support.

The Java OnRamp Program is perfect for organizations seeking to move their mainframe or non-OO teams to Java in a truly focused manner, making them truly productive on the job right after the program ends. > More Info
New Courses On Deck: Java 9, Spring 5.0 and IOS 11!
NEW! What's New in Java 9 - Transitioning to Java 9 (TT2109)
Available for a private class anytime, and on the 2018 Public Schedule!

NEW! Java 9 Programming for OO Experienced Developers (TT2100-J9)

Available for a private class anytime, and on the 2018 Public Schedule!

NEW! Java 9 Programming for Developers New to OO (TT2120-J9)

Available for a private class anytime, and on the 2018 Public Schedule!

NEW! Mastering the Spring 5.0 Framework 

Available for a private class anytime, and on the 2018 Public Schedule!

NEW! Spring 5.0 Essentials | Core Spring 5.0 

Available for a private class anytime, and on the 2018 Public Schedule!

NEW! IOS 11 Application Development

Available for a private class anytime, and on the 2018 Public Schedule!

New Programs: Best Defense Application Security Training
New Courses Added!
Best Defense IT Security, Application Security & Secure Coding Training Series

Our IT Security Training Series is an extensive suite of in-depth, always-current application, web application security, secure software development and secure coding courses that provide complete coverage of the CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors, the OWASP Top Ten, and the WASC Threat Classifications.

Our Security training courses an be tailored to focus on your organizations specific challenges. Topics range from 'lunch & learn' style formats for technical executives to in-depth, hands-on secure development & coding topics for your most seasoned developers. > More Info

We're Hiring!
We're seeking motivated, engaged team members for a variety of roles at Trivera Technologies as we expand our existing business lines and courses, and take on new adventures. We currently have opportunities for:

Contract or Full Time:
•  Application, Web Application & Mobile Security Instructors & Developers
•  Java / JEE, C++ and .Net Application Development Instructors & Mentors
•  Web Development Programming & Design Instructors
•  Business Development Associates for Key Account Growth & Support
•  Courseware Business Development | Associate & Executive Business Development, Sales & Marketing Roles
Please contact us at for details. Experience preferred, but motivation, attitude, energy and dedication are equally appreciated.X
IT Training Services & Skills Development Solutions
Need dedicated training? All courses can be instructed onsite or online / virtually for a private presentation, customized to suit your unique learning requirements and delivered in a total turn-key, worry free manner for your team or organization. We wholly-own our courseware and resources, so we can offer the most custom solutions, program flexibility and best prices.

Need a Managed Training Program or Company-Wide Training Solution? We also offer custom Enterprise Role-Based Training & Training Roadmap Programs, New Hire Training, Skills Update & Development (Re-Skilling) Programs, Vendor Management Services, and Turn-Key Training for Partners.

Click to learn more about our IT Training Services & Ways to Learn

Courseware Licensing & Development Services

Need courseware for your training event, or courseware development or materials updating or refresh services?  Let us take the risk out of your next courseware purchase, curriculum course development project or classroom delivery!

Our course materials are available for corporate license and/or customization, with complete course delivery preparation and event support for your Instructor, as well as free corporate branding for your firm or client.  Samples are available upon request, and our pricing is always competitive.

Click to learn more about our Courseware Licensing Services

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